We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after ordering your item(s) to request a return.

For returns, please email help with your order number and reason for return.

Product returns MUST be unworn and have no visible wear and tear to receive refund. Refunds are distributed after the product is returned to us and inspected.

In the case of any product damage or breakage, our team will require proof of break or damage. In some cases, we will ask the customer to return the damaged product to us for further inspection prior to issuing a refund. Refunds are processed for damaged products after our inspection is finalized.

All hair ties remain under a 30 day return/refund policy after the order has been placed. In the case of rare malfunctioned hair ties, we are happy to provide a partial refund within our 30 day policy with proof of photos of damage or breakage. Partial refunds are determined upon further quality control inspection. In some instances, hair ties may need to be returned to our headquarters for further inspection prior to issuing a partial or full refund. For any questions please email us at help